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What 10 Brands’ Terrible Websites Looked Like On The Day They Launched In The 1990s | Business Insider

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What 10 Brands’ Terrible Websites Looked Like On The Day They Launched In The 1990s | Business Insider.


The Biggest Mistake You’re Making in Social Media BY Carrie Kerpen

A recent report, called the “State of Social Media Marketing,” compiled by social-analytics company socialbakers, released loads of data about the social strategies of brands across 80 countries and 20 industries. But one stat in particular stood out to me as a big red flag for how marketers approach social media.

When listing their most important goals for social media, 62% of the brands surveyed said customer acquisition, while only 29% said customer care.

There’s a huge disconnect here.

Think back to the basics, folks. The best way to get a new customer isn’t to pound them over the head with a marketing message. Generally, the companies that have seen the best results are the ones that are recommended to people by current customers. A company has a great product or service, customers love it, customers share it with their friends, and–voila! New customers.

The absolute first step in social media should be to get your current customers connected to you. 

There are so many benefits to connecting to your current customers online. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Opportunity to observe: When you connect to your current customers, you can watch how they interact with you and your brand. On some networks, such as Twitter, you can even see what their needs are way beyond your own product or service. Connecting with your current customers gives you insight into who your customers really are and what they’re looking for to make their lives easier.

2. Opportunity to activateLet’s say you need to move some inventory quickly. Doing a huge flash sale might damage your brand’s pricing perception with new customers–they may think you’re not worth full price if they’ve been introduced to you at a significant discount. However, your current clients who know and love you will appreciate a “customer-only” activation, like a secret price drop. Consider creating social groups of your best customers, and look for activations they can share to help move product.

3. Opportunity to advocate: Most people don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertising. It always amazes me that companies think that shifting their ad messages to short social updates will change anything about that.

A company talking about itself is advertising, whether it’s on a paid medium or a Facebook page. But if you can get your customers talking about you, that’s advocacy. Give your customers simple, shareable tools to advocate on your behalf, and you’ll see new customers as a result.

New customers are a byproduct of taking care of your current customers in social media. So go look at your social-content calendars right now, and ask: Have we done enough for the ones who already love us?

CARRIE KERPEN is the co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media, which she grew from a husband-and-wife consulting firm into a global social media and word-of-mouth marketing agency. She led her team to more than $15 million in revenue and landed the agency on the Inc. 500 in 2011 and 2012.

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Temasek Review agrees to sell its domain name for US$1.00


A preliminary agreement has been reached between the editors of Temasek Review and a non-Singaporean businesswoman on the sale of our domain, on 23rd October 2010.

About a week ago, when our editorial team first heard about the “rumors” of Temasek Holdings’ interest in our site, we already suspected that Temasek Holdings would never contact us professionally with their “concerns” and would resort to “underhand” means to “rob” us of our domain name, banking on the fact that our editors will not be willing to reveal ourselves fighting the case. We then immediately contacted our host to discreetly source for a buyer for our domain name, which they did.

This “suspicion” has now been reasonably confirmed by Temasek Holdings’ constant refusal to contact us directly and the latest “spins” by many local papers.

Although we have been adequately advised by lawyers in Panama and the US that we have a strong case before the ICANN, we are not willing to waste precious time and resources which should be put to good use. We are also not prepared to reveal our identities to contest the “robbing” of our domain name.

We are of the opinion that the domain itself is worthless and Temasek Review owes it success to NOT the editorial team or the Domain Name but to the authors, contributors and readers.  Temasek Review’s future name, be it named Temasek Revealed, Temasek Unrevealed or Temasek Rejected is irrelevant as long as our readers believes in our dedication and ability to live up to our promise of providing a free and independent platform for Singaporeans without a voice.

We are also concerned with the various smear campaign initiated against Dr. Joseph Ong to “compel” us to surrender our legally registered domain name and the goodwill that comes with it. The fact that Dr. Joseph Ong is unfortunately caught in the crossfire between Temasek Holdings and Temasek Review is also one of the main reasons why we decided to sell off our domain name, we felt that it is unfair to the doctor, a fellow Singaporean to have to suffer because of us.

The following are key points agreed upon with our buyer:

1. The purchase price for the domain be agreed at a token sum of US$1.00 and buyer agrees to a further payment for goodwill, the equivalent of 12 months’ dedicated server lease with our present host (paid directly to our host).

2. The buyer agrees to allow us to (unconditionally) continue the use of the domain name for up to 90 days upon the completion of the transfer of the domain name ownership so that we can properly and adequately inform our readers of our new domain name. During the transitioning period of 90 days, the buyer will have no say whatsoever in the running of our site.

3. That both buyer and seller agree to engage the service of our present host to complete the transfer of the domain name ownership, who is also the sponsoring registrar of our domain name. The ownership transfer for the domain is expected to be completed within 7 days.

4.  That the identity of both buyer and seller be kept strictly confidential, before and after the sale.

For the record, we have also informed the buyer that there is an EXTREMELY HIGH possibility that Temasek Holdings (or its subsidiaries) may try to “rob” her of her newly acquired domain name and she has assured us that she will defend the “robbing” of the domain name to the best of her ability.

This is also one of the main reasons why we decided to sell her the domain name although we do have other offers, some offering high as US$30,000 for a once-off. (We would like to see Temasek Holdings argue their case with both parties represented).

We are glad that we can put the issue of site / domain name behind us and move on to concerntrate on the larger and important issues at hand. Temasek Review (or whatever it will be called after the sale) will continue to champion the rights of the people at all cost for one and ONLY one reason:



Amanda Tan

for Temasek Review

5 Jobs for the future



Entering college and not know what to major in? Here are some jobs that will be in demand for the next 50 years.

 1. Social Media Strategists

 Social Media is gaining recognition with businesses around the world. Why not use your facbooking, twittering, blogging, youtube and digging skills to good use. Get a job that pays you to post, record, like and write about statuses.

 2. Healthcare

 We live in an ageing world- You do the math.

 3. Veterinarian

 The number of babies being born every year equals the number of pets being bought or adopted by households every year. With younger Singaporeans choosing to have ‘fur-kids’ rather than actual children it’s becoming extremely lucrative to be an animal doctor.

 4. CSR Initiative Manager

 Corporate Social Responsibility is big business. The industry is expected to grow by at least 20% year on till 2017. So why not take the plunge now.

 5. Sales/ Client Relationship Manager

 Companies expand, new clients are needed. Like it or not sales positions have long been a mainstay in business from the day trade was created. Companies are finding it difficult to retain clients. If you think you can maintain and build a clientele for a company, you will become as valuable as your CEO.


 6. Chefs

 It’s becoming sexy to cook! The world is slowly but surely opening up to the importance of food. The career paths for chefs have changed- my advice- pioneer affordable Spa Cuisine.

Alex Ferguson 1 – Wayne Rooney 0

A battle of a different sort has emerged at Old Trafford. The King of Carrington has launched a scathing attack on the Prince of red Manchester.

In a touch of Public Relation mastery, the Manchester United gaffer has come out to the press singling out his prodigy as the villain in football’s most talked about football bust-up this season.

The now vilified Rooney has a lot of work to do to if he plans to resurrect his career with the devils. A once crowd favourite of the old Trafford faithful, Wayne Rooney’s publicists will be working overtime to ensure their clients’ reputation remains intact throughout this ordeal.

In a turmoil that started a week back, Alex Ferguson, in a rare press interview, has come out- guns blazing by projecting his image as a doting father who feels victimized by the wayward actions of his ‘son’. Some feel that Wayne Rooney has been portrayed very unfairly by the gaffer but truth be told, Wayne should have addressed the issue before Alex Ferguson was given the chance to.

In all of Manchester United’s transfer sagas, Rooney’s situation stands out as an Alex Ferguson special. David Beckham left with lucid rumours surrounding Alex Ferguson, Jaap Stam left because of Alex Ferguson’s ego- Nistlerooy and Cristiano Ronaldo was purely for money. If Rooney does eventually leave Old Trafford, regardless of his heroics for United, he will always be remembered as a money-hungry, devils advocate.

Instead of being idolised in the same league as Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Roy Keane, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney will be categorised in the same league as Adebayor, Ashley Cole, Toure and Sol Campbell.

 What a way to walk out on a fantastic career at Old Trafford.

My advice to Wayne Rooney will be to manage the situation with poise and grace by addressing the issue immediately before the press goes to town with unfounded rumours and stories that will further undermine any statement he releases later. Act now and never keep reporters guessing. Reporters have a story to submit to their editors, and if none is reported- one will be created!!

 Never underestimate the power of an honest and heartfelt press release.

Understanding crisis management is imperative for publicists. The basic rules of crisis management will be to react fast, release an honest statement of the issue at hand and the possible routes you or your corporation will be employing to rectify the situation.

 Always address the press or your investors on a timely basis – leaving the public or press guessing leads to further damage which will be very difficult to rectify at a later point.

 So go on Wayne do yourself a favour and clear the mess. And going by this season’s performance by Manchester United the chances of ending another battle in a stalemate should not be too difficult.

Pssst! Media Release Secrets…


The top ten secrets to writing an effective media release…(released progressively)

1. Planning is the key to writing and releasing your media release just in time so that it can be used by the media and fits with their deadlines. In most cases, you should plan to prepare and release a media release many weeks ahead to compete with many other equally worthy stories or breaking news.

2. Study and get comfortable with the style used by the publications you want to target because that’s how they want to receive information from you. That may include using a similar tone to them that could be conversational, formal or somewhere in between. Read between the lines and get a feel for who their audience is and the types of issues and aspects of life that are important to them. The other thing you may need to use is a special journalistic style of writing you’ll see in news stories a lot.  It’s called the inverted pyramid style. Remember, space and time are at a premium as the media is in the business of selling advertising. They report news in the space subsidised by advertising. This means you have to capture your information effectively in the first few paragraphs (think 3 to 4). And you need to cover: Who, What, When, Where and Why. That’s the minimum you need to give. If How is important, throw that in too.

3. Research the answers to Who, What, When, Where, Why and How and make sure they’re short and clear. Communicate the answers to the 5 Ws and H within the first five or fewer paragraphs.

4. Create an interesting first sentence. The first sentence is usually known as the lead. This is the one thing journos and editors look at to determine if they will read further. It’s best to state something newsworthy such as a first, only or explain the significance of what you’re announcing that will mean something to the audience of that particular media outlet. If it’s radio, paint pictures with words.
e.g. Two Brisbane schoolgirls are among five high school students nationwide who have been selected to speak on the effects of climate change on their futures at the upcoming world summit on Generation Z- the next generation.

A mine worker from a Central Queensland mining company hit pay dirt today when he unwittingly dug up the skeleton of an extremely rare species of dinosaur.

5. One of the most common mistakes business owners make when drafting their own release is concentrating more on selling and mentioning their services and company name and focussing less on the actual news they have to report. This is a fatal mistake and if the PR consultant or copywriting professional you’re paying lets you get away with that, they are wasting your money because the story will be assigned to the trash bin as soon as it’s read by the reporter. A media release is not an ad so don’t try to mention your business name unnecessarily or upsell it or services throughout your release. That’s just not news. If you need to promote your business and there’s no news value, invest in advertising instead.

6. Top and tail your release so that the journalist knows how old it is, when they can use it and which information is not on the public record. e.g. At the top of the release write “For immediate release” and today’s date like “24 June 2009” or if you want to write the release and send it in advance but not have it publicly released before a set time and date to coincide with a particular event or purpose, write “Embargoed to 10pm 24 June 2009”. The use of this convention tells the journalist that they are obligated not to publicly release the information in your release until that time or later. To complete your release, you could use conventions like “###-ends”. Putting the word “ends” at the very end of the release tells a journalist that any information such as the contact for the release or the spokesperson’s details for interviews or photo opportunities and locations are not for publication. You should always put a contact telephone number and name after the “###-ends” and respond to any media enquiries for information quickly and promptly and that includes getting back to the journalist within hours or less. If they don’t have the extra comment or information they need by deadline, they will kill your story and you lose a valuable opportunity that you have worked hard to get.

7. Don’t ‘shop’ the same release all around town unless it has extremely high general news value to the general populace. Journalists hate businesses and PR consultants who don’t take the time these days to analyse the needs of their specific audiences, their style, language and to understand whether that news or subject is relevant to them. ‘Blanket’ distribution of low-value or very specfic-target audience news releases results in wasted money for you and makes it harder for your next bit of news to be taken seriously the next time around.

Posted by Rukesh Varan

Philips scores big with Bear Hoax video



Bear suit: $200

Camera Phone: $200

Fine from authorities: $1000

Nationwide awareness for Philips shavers: Priceless

 Total campaign cost: $1400

There are some things in marketing that money can buy, but for everything else there is social media!

Idea was brilliant but execution could have been worked upon.

 I have been following the campaign from day one, and I believe the winner is definitely Philips in this fiasco. As mentioned a meagre budget and a huge impact.

 There is usually a very fine line to tread when it comes to negative marketing. I doubt the Philips execs or the company which created this stir intended for such a backlash.

 There are certain ‘must-not’s in campaigns- but they flirted with it and got slightly burnt from the experience. But the yield from the campaign has gained nationwide attention both in the media and on the streets. I doubt anyone will forget Philips for a while.

 If we break it down and analyse the intended campaign it is actually the simplest methodology (Shock and Awe!) coupled with the growing influence of social media and there you have it! Another campaign bites the social media dust.

 Philips now have the in their possession a huge marketing celebrity (‘The Bear’). My suggestion will be to dress people in bear costumes and ‘let them loose’ in our shopping districts. I am certain ‘photo opps’ alone will gain even more attention than the video.

 Once again let me extend my heartiest congratulations to the boys and girls who created this campaign and Philips if nothing evolves from this at least you still have Halloween to use the costume.  


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