Exit Landscape in South East Asia – Note to Founders


Founders need to understand the exit landscape from the perspective of financial investors, i.e. Venture Capital (VC) or Private Equity (PE) Fund. Recently, Garena, SEA most valuable tech startup, was reported to appoint Goldman Sachs for a $1bn IPO in the US, the largest ever IPO ever from a SEA-based tech startup.

SEA vs Global Tech Public Market

According to the TechInAsia, there have only been 13 tech IPOs (consumer facing, web 2.0 type) since 2001 from SEA startups. However, these are all mainly bootstrapped other than Migme, which unfortunately has been facing much criticism from the media so far for its poor performance. In other words, there haven’t been any homerun style exits for financial investors so far in the region. In most cases, IPO in SEA is just a fundraising event.

pic-1 Snapshot from “State of SEA Technology Startup Ecosystem

pic-2 Snapshot from “EY Global…

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KFC Singapore chooses new creative agency



KFC Singapore’s account has moved from Grey as the brand appoints a new creative agency.

KFC Singapore has appointed Ren Partnership to be its creative agency, effective March 2014.

Virginia Ng , senior marketing director, KFC Singapore said that it hoped to harness the agency’s “regional fast food experience” to take the brand to the next level.

The agency has already worked on three campaigns with KFC Singapore. The first was in January this year which was its KFC Rice Bucket and the re-introduction of the Bandito Pockett, both of which Ng says has “displayed results”.

The brand’s incumbent was Grey Singapore. Chiu declined to reveal the worth of the account.


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The Biggest Mistake You’re Making in Social Media BY Carrie Kerpen

A recent report, called the “State of Social Media Marketing,” compiled by social-analytics company socialbakers, released loads of data about the social strategies of brands across 80 countries and 20 industries. But one stat in particular stood out to me as a big red flag for how marketers approach social media.

When listing their most important goals for social media, 62% of the brands surveyed said customer acquisition, while only 29% said customer care.

There’s a huge disconnect here.

Think back to the basics, folks. The best way to get a new customer isn’t to pound them over the head with a marketing message. Generally, the companies that have seen the best results are the ones that are recommended to people by current customers. A company has a great product or service, customers love it, customers share it with their friends, and–voila! New customers.

The absolute first step in social media should be to get your current customers connected to you. 

There are so many benefits to connecting to your current customers online. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Opportunity to observe: When you connect to your current customers, you can watch how they interact with you and your brand. On some networks, such as Twitter, you can even see what their needs are way beyond your own product or service. Connecting with your current customers gives you insight into who your customers really are and what they’re looking for to make their lives easier.

2. Opportunity to activateLet’s say you need to move some inventory quickly. Doing a huge flash sale might damage your brand’s pricing perception with new customers–they may think you’re not worth full price if they’ve been introduced to you at a significant discount. However, your current clients who know and love you will appreciate a “customer-only” activation, like a secret price drop. Consider creating social groups of your best customers, and look for activations they can share to help move product.

3. Opportunity to advocate: Most people don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertising. It always amazes me that companies think that shifting their ad messages to short social updates will change anything about that.

A company talking about itself is advertising, whether it’s on a paid medium or a Facebook page. But if you can get your customers talking about you, that’s advocacy. Give your customers simple, shareable tools to advocate on your behalf, and you’ll see new customers as a result.

New customers are a byproduct of taking care of your current customers in social media. So go look at your social-content calendars right now, and ask: Have we done enough for the ones who already love us?

CARRIE KERPEN is the co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media, which she grew from a husband-and-wife consulting firm into a global social media and word-of-mouth marketing agency. She led her team to more than $15 million in revenue and landed the agency on the Inc. 500 in 2011 and 2012.

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Philips scores big with Bear Hoax video



Bear suit: $200

Camera Phone: $200

Fine from authorities: $1000

Nationwide awareness for Philips shavers: Priceless

 Total campaign cost: $1400

There are some things in marketing that money can buy, but for everything else there is social media!

Idea was brilliant but execution could have been worked upon.

 I have been following the campaign from day one, and I believe the winner is definitely Philips in this fiasco. As mentioned a meagre budget and a huge impact.

 There is usually a very fine line to tread when it comes to negative marketing. I doubt the Philips execs or the company which created this stir intended for such a backlash.

 There are certain ‘must-not’s in campaigns- but they flirted with it and got slightly burnt from the experience. But the yield from the campaign has gained nationwide attention both in the media and on the streets. I doubt anyone will forget Philips for a while.

 If we break it down and analyse the intended campaign it is actually the simplest methodology (Shock and Awe!) coupled with the growing influence of social media and there you have it! Another campaign bites the social media dust.

 Philips now have the in their possession a huge marketing celebrity (‘The Bear’). My suggestion will be to dress people in bear costumes and ‘let them loose’ in our shopping districts. I am certain ‘photo opps’ alone will gain even more attention than the video.

 Once again let me extend my heartiest congratulations to the boys and girls who created this campaign and Philips if nothing evolves from this at least you still have Halloween to use the costume.  


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The Michael Jackson Lesson..(Final)

Michael Jackson endorsed many products during his lifetime. He boosted sales of products such as Pepsi and sold numerous magazines by placing his pictures on the cover. Michael Jackson used his name and reputation to do good for the causes he believed in. He single-handedly changed the world through his existence in this world.

This is what separates MJ from any other artiste or performer in the world. MJ had the ability to garner support and attention for any cause he believed in. This helped sustain MJ as a leader and a priceless brand entity-this was even before CSR was introduced to the corporate world. Business owners should understand the need to start giving back to society. From a business point of view nothing reaches and appeals to your customers and clients more than the mere thought of an organisation doing good for society. You build a loyal following and a profound respect from the community which will aid in future business dealings.

All this was accomplished by Michael Jackson before Facebook and twitter surfaced. With the rise of social media marketing, the limits have been shattered. The world is now your oyster.

There are a lot more lessons that we can learn from MJ, but it’s important that we all remember the man for what he stood for. He used his gift of music to spread his message around the world. Hopefully through this, you will be able to realise that to prosper, always ask what difference you are making to the world around you. Only then will you be able to use your resources and know-how to accomplish your objectives. The positive difference you make to people’s life will allow you to live a life of unparallel happiness.

MJ used his resources to make the world a better place- use yours likewise.


The Michael Jackson Lesson..(Part 4)

When Michael Jackson had a concert, he had a concert! No artiste in the world has created such fervour and anticipation as MJ. His music videos and concerts were sold-out. Attracting over a hundred million concert-goers around the world and picking up numerous awards for music video of the year. No artiste or producer has even come close to replicating a MJ production.

Define your work. Just like MJ, business owners have to place a stamp on their works. What do you want your customers to take away from your work or service? Make it visible! Strive for perfection. MJ never released a song he thought was not complete or a concert if he thought a light fixture was out of place, MJ never compromised and neither should business owners. Be creative in your approach and use the best ‘hands’ you have at your disposal to get a job done. Always do the best you can. Promoters and booking agents never thought twice before booking a MJ concert, likewise do not allow your customers to think twice before using your product or service. In most industries, only the top 10 in their field survive. Find your way to the top-money is not everything-but creativity is. Make sure your next work is the best you have ever done, and keep topping it from there! When creativity, passion and perfection collide, the results are most likely similar to that of a MJ production.

Best Global Brands- 2010

Best Global Brands

by Interbrand

2010 rankings

Rank Previous Rank Brand Country of Origin Sector Brand Value ($m) Change in Brand Value
1 1 United States Beverages 70,452 2%
2 2 United States Business Services 64,727 7%
3 3 United States Computer Software 60,895 7%
4 7 United States Internet Services 43,557 36%
5 4 United States Diversified 42,808 -10%
6 6 United States Restaurants 33,578 4%
7 9 United States Electronics 32,015 4%
8 5 Finland Electronics 29,495 -15%
9 10 United States Media 28,731 1%
10 11 United States Electronics 26,867 12%
11 8 Japan Automotive 26,192 -16%
12 12 Germany Automotive 25,179 6%
13 13 United States FMCG 23,298 2%
14 14 United States Business Services 23,219 5%
15 15 Germany Automotive 22,322 3%
16 16 France Luxury 21,860 4%
17 20 United States Electronics 21,143 37%
18 17 United States Tobacco 19,961 5%
19 19 South Korea Electronics 19,491 11%
20 18 Japan Automotive 18,506 4%
21 21 Sweden Apparel 16,136 5%
22 24 United States Business Services 14,881 9%
23 23 United States Beverages 14,061 3%
24 22 United States Financial Services 13,944 -7%
25 26 United States Sporting Goods 13,706 4%
26 27 Germany Business Services 12,756 5%
27 25 Switzerland Beverages 12,753 -4%
28 28 Sweden Home Furnishings 12,487 4%
29 37 United States Financial Services 12,314 29%
30 30 United States Alcohol 12,252 4%
31 31 United States Transportation 11,826 2%
32 32 United Kingdom Financial Services 11,561 10%
33 33 Japan Electronics 11,485 10%
34 29 Japan Electronics 11,356 -5%
35 34 United States FMCG 11,041 6%
36 43 United States Internet Services 9,665 23%
37 38 United States Financial Services 9,372 1%
38 39 Japan Electronics 8,990 -2%
39 40 Canada Media 8,976 6%
40 36 United States Financial Services 8,887 -13%
41 35 United States Electronics 8,880 -14%
42 42 Netherlands Electronics 8,696 7%
43 46 United States Internet Services 8,453 15%
44 41 Italy Luxury 8,346 2%
45 44 France FMCG 7,981 3%
46 48 United States FMCG 7,534 4%
47 45 United States Business Services 7,481 -3%
48 50 Spain Apparel 7,468 10%
49 47 Germany Diversified 7,315 0%
50 49 United States Automotive 7,195 3%
51 52 United States FMCG 6,919 6%
52 57 United States Financial Services 6,911 8%
53 55 Germany Automotive 6,892 6%
54 63 Canada Electronics 6,762 32%
55 54 United States Media 6,719 3%
56 53 France Financial Services 6,694 3%
57 58 Switzerland FMCG 6,548 4%
58 60 France FMCG 6,363 7%
59 56 United States Electronics 6,109 -5%
60 61 United States Restaurants 5,844 2%
61 N/A United States Beverages 5,777 0%
62 62 Germany Sporting Goods 5,495 2%
63 65 Germany Automotive 5,461 9%
64 67 United States FMCG 5,072 3%
65 69 South Korea Automotive 5,033 9%
66 64 United States Internet Services 4,958 -3%
67 81 Germany Financial Services 4,904 28%
68 N/A Spain Financial Services 4,846 0%
69 70 France Luxury 4,782 4%
70 66 United States Diversified 4,704 -6%
71 71 United States FMCG 4,536 3%
72 74 Germany Automotive 4,404 4%
73 75 Japan Electronics 4,351 3%
74 N/A United Kingdom Financial Services 4,218 0%
75 80 United States FMCG 4,155 8%
76 76 United States Luxury 4,127 3%
77 77 France Luxury 4,052 2%
78 N/A United States Alcohol 4,036 0%
79 82 France Alcohol 4,021 7%
80 N/A Switzerland Financial Services 4,010 0%
81 92 Netherlands Energy 4,003 24%
82 94 United States Financial Services 3,998 26%
83 79 United States Restaurants 3,973 2%
84 78 United States Apparel 3,961 1%
85 N/A Mexico Alcohol 3,847 0%
86 72 Switzerland Financial Services 3,812 -13%
87 86 Germany FMCG 3,734 5%
88 95 United States Computer Software 3,626 15%
89 84 United Kingdom Alcohol 3,624 -2%
90 N/A United States Diversified 3,586 0%
91 88 Italy Automotive 3,562 1%
92 N/A United Kingdom Alcohol 3,557 0%
93 N/A Netherlands Alcohol 3,516 0%
94 N/A Switzerland Financial Services 3,496 0%
95 89 Italy Luxury 3,443 4%
96 91 France FMCG 3,403 5%
97 90 United States Restaurants 3,339 2%
98 73 United States Automotive 3,281 -24%
99 100 United States FMCG 3,241 5%
100 98 United Kingdom Luxury 3,110 0%