5 Jobs for the future



Entering college and not know what to major in? Here are some jobs that will be in demand for the next 50 years.

 1. Social Media Strategists

 Social Media is gaining recognition with businesses around the world. Why not use your facbooking, twittering, blogging, youtube and digging skills to good use. Get a job that pays you to post, record, like and write about statuses.

 2. Healthcare

 We live in an ageing world- You do the math.

 3. Veterinarian

 The number of babies being born every year equals the number of pets being bought or adopted by households every year. With younger Singaporeans choosing to have ‘fur-kids’ rather than actual children it’s becoming extremely lucrative to be an animal doctor.

 4. CSR Initiative Manager

 Corporate Social Responsibility is big business. The industry is expected to grow by at least 20% year on till 2017. So why not take the plunge now.

 5. Sales/ Client Relationship Manager

 Companies expand, new clients are needed. Like it or not sales positions have long been a mainstay in business from the day trade was created. Companies are finding it difficult to retain clients. If you think you can maintain and build a clientele for a company, you will become as valuable as your CEO.


 6. Chefs

 It’s becoming sexy to cook! The world is slowly but surely opening up to the importance of food. The career paths for chefs have changed- my advice- pioneer affordable Spa Cuisine.


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