Philips scores big with Bear Hoax video



Bear suit: $200

Camera Phone: $200

Fine from authorities: $1000

Nationwide awareness for Philips shavers: Priceless

 Total campaign cost: $1400

There are some things in marketing that money can buy, but for everything else there is social media!

Idea was brilliant but execution could have been worked upon.

 I have been following the campaign from day one, and I believe the winner is definitely Philips in this fiasco. As mentioned a meagre budget and a huge impact.

 There is usually a very fine line to tread when it comes to negative marketing. I doubt the Philips execs or the company which created this stir intended for such a backlash.

 There are certain ‘must-not’s in campaigns- but they flirted with it and got slightly burnt from the experience. But the yield from the campaign has gained nationwide attention both in the media and on the streets. I doubt anyone will forget Philips for a while.

 If we break it down and analyse the intended campaign it is actually the simplest methodology (Shock and Awe!) coupled with the growing influence of social media and there you have it! Another campaign bites the social media dust.

 Philips now have the in their possession a huge marketing celebrity (‘The Bear’). My suggestion will be to dress people in bear costumes and ‘let them loose’ in our shopping districts. I am certain ‘photo opps’ alone will gain even more attention than the video.

 Once again let me extend my heartiest congratulations to the boys and girls who created this campaign and Philips if nothing evolves from this at least you still have Halloween to use the costume.  


Watch Video 



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