The Michael Jackson Lesson..(Part 4)

When Michael Jackson had a concert, he had a concert! No artiste in the world has created such fervour and anticipation as MJ. His music videos and concerts were sold-out. Attracting over a hundred million concert-goers around the world and picking up numerous awards for music video of the year. No artiste or producer has even come close to replicating a MJ production.

Define your work. Just like MJ, business owners have to place a stamp on their works. What do you want your customers to take away from your work or service? Make it visible! Strive for perfection. MJ never released a song he thought was not complete or a concert if he thought a light fixture was out of place, MJ never compromised and neither should business owners. Be creative in your approach and use the best ‘hands’ you have at your disposal to get a job done. Always do the best you can. Promoters and booking agents never thought twice before booking a MJ concert, likewise do not allow your customers to think twice before using your product or service. In most industries, only the top 10 in their field survive. Find your way to the top-money is not everything-but creativity is. Make sure your next work is the best you have ever done, and keep topping it from there! When creativity, passion and perfection collide, the results are most likely similar to that of a MJ production.


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