The Michael Jackson Lesson..(Final)

Michael Jackson endorsed many products during his lifetime. He boosted sales of products such as Pepsi and sold numerous magazines by placing his pictures on the cover. Michael Jackson used his name and reputation to do good for the causes he believed in. He single-handedly changed the world through his existence in this world.

This is what separates MJ from any other artiste or performer in the world. MJ had the ability to garner support and attention for any cause he believed in. This helped sustain MJ as a leader and a priceless brand entity-this was even before CSR was introduced to the corporate world. Business owners should understand the need to start giving back to society. From a business point of view nothing reaches and appeals to your customers and clients more than the mere thought of an organisation doing good for society. You build a loyal following and a profound respect from the community which will aid in future business dealings.

All this was accomplished by Michael Jackson before Facebook and twitter surfaced. With the rise of social media marketing, the limits have been shattered. The world is now your oyster.

There are a lot more lessons that we can learn from MJ, but it’s important that we all remember the man for what he stood for. He used his gift of music to spread his message around the world. Hopefully through this, you will be able to realise that to prosper, always ask what difference you are making to the world around you. Only then will you be able to use your resources and know-how to accomplish your objectives. The positive difference you make to people’s life will allow you to live a life of unparallel happiness.

MJ used his resources to make the world a better place- use yours likewise.



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