The Michael Jackson lesson.. (Part 1)

The only brand that is arguably more recognisable than Starbucks, Nike and Pepsi is probably Michael Jackson. As an individual,artiste,performer,composer,producer and even an ambassador, Michael Jackson defined a generation.

 An individual who was constantly named in Forbes in the 1990’s as the most influential man on earth, Michael Jackson achieved all these accolades from a particular character trait and work ethic that i find extremely interesting and potentially life changing.

Lets face it, MJ was not the best looking man out there neither was he constantly flirting with the media. How then did one man so reclusive and introverted turn out to be the most powerful and influential man of the 90’s?

Michael Jackson was a perfectionist. An individual so creative and powerful and yet he dedicated his entire life to perfecting his craft. He had a goal to serve people. It was not about money and fame for MJ but an outlet for which to provide a service to mankind. He dreamt of a better world and turned out to be a global phenomenon. I admit i am a huge fan of MJ but not because of his music, but because of the way he thought,acted and behaved!

A man with old-school believes and a forward thinking approach. MJ created a brand equally famous in Texas,Tokyo,Tehran,Tanzania and Toa Payoh-till today!

The question is how?

Let me give you my take on this in my next post..


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