The Michael Jackson Lesson..(Part 3)

Michael shot to international stardom with his album Thriller. Thriller amassed a total of 8 Grammy’s and holds the world record for the highest number of albums sold till date!

Well lesson number 2 will be to find the right partners and business allies to propel your work. MJ had Quincy Jones for Thriller. Not many start-ups will be able to boast of an ally of such caliber, but finding and working with one is crucial. I have always advised business owners to treat each competitor as a potential business ally. You will never know when you may need to tap on their resources to pitch for a job or even get a referral from them. All business owners must have mentors or an influential board of directors who are willing to guide the business to greater heights. Remember, you are only as strong as your team. MJ had the greatest team around him and hence the reason for his success!


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