The Michael Jackson Lesson.. (Part 2)


Firstly, he made it a point to look different. He altered the way he presented himself to the public. With his drum major inspired jackets and pants that barely reached his ankles and that identifiable white socks and glove. A look that would later create a fashion revolution in the late 80’s.

Many of us laughed at that point. We could not fathom the reason why any man would want to dress like that. Michael had his reasons.

Many new business owners always emphasize and spend top dollar when it comes to corporate logo syndication, neatly crafted press releases and even useless marketing options. But when I speak to business owners, my first rule and advice to most of them is to always create your personal brand. Let’s face it, there are many companies in the world that offer services similar to yourself with neatly tailored press releases, creative logos and what not. So how do you stand out?

You don’t have to dress like MJ but always be presentable and create a statement for yourself. Create your identity. For some of us it could be in the form of shades, ties or even certain colours, but dare to stand out and create a front for your company. This sets you apart from your competitors. Be the identity you want to portray to your clients. Be it in your dressing, mannerisms, your talk and walk. You are your brand. When I walk into any social events, anyone will be able to pick me out and that is due to my insistence of creating a brand for myself, which I am glad I did.


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