PAPARAZZI presents WEDNESDAYS @ YING YANG | the club hotel


Ying Yang rooftop lounge | the club hotel

28 ann siang rd. singapore 069708 • t 6808 2188
Singapore City, Singapore


Get past the midweek hump when you succumb to the multiple pleasures of the poison of your choice and good company, all in a relaxed atmosphere. Featuring resident and beat-maker, Raeburn J Cliff and his arsenal of afrobeats and soulful gems, it’s probably a good excuse to prepare that sick note, yes?

Luscious mini-mains served all night long!

Don’t be a noob. get in the loop!
opens daily 5pm to 1am

ying yang | an eclectic crossover between a rooftop lounge and an intimate bar. Reflecting balance and contrast through a relaxed and loungey vibe as the sun sets, and a livelier pre-party spot after, let this be your next preferred rooftop bar destination.



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