Majulah Massive @ Tanjong Beach Club

August 8 at 4:00pm – August 9 at 4:00am
  Tanjong Beach Club

120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa
Singapore, Singapore

Majulah Massive
The Satay Club Special

Sun, 8th Aug
4pm – 4am

DJs Hook, KFC, Has, Brendon P, Diskothugg, Funk B*stard and more

For our nation’s 45th, we pay homage to our humble red dot. Honouring our competitive spirit, TBC brings you yet another Singapore first, the Best Tan Out Of 10 Pageant! Exalt in our military superiority and partake in our Water Gun Salute (we’ll show you what big guns can do). Be dazzled by fire displays adding flourish to the festivities. And indulge in our national pastime (read: eating) as we resurrect the good ol’ Satay Club vibe. Do our nation proud, Majulah with a vengeance.

Best Tan Out of 10 Pageant | Massages | Water Guns | Fire Belly Dancing | Satays & Ramly Burgers

Public Service Announcement:
Monday 9th Aug is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY, it is your duty to party with abandon or be fined $1 Trillion and be beached for 10 years. 1st offenders will not be pardoned.

* Red and White Sangria jugs $45
* Veuve Clicquot $89 from 8pm – 9pm


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