Friday Fellowship with Brendon P & OmniPresence @ The Rabbit Hole

Start Time:
Friday, March 26, 2010 at 10:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 2:00am
The Rabbit Hole
39C Harding Road
Singapore, Singapore


Friday Fellowship
The Rabbit Hole
Every Friday
10pm until Late

Friday: a sacrosanct day. The heart races, the anticipation mounts, the thumps of glorious beats entice. Then we enter, the fabled garden. A musical haven where different DJ collectives steer the course of the night’s adventures every Friday. Come along, The Fellowship is waiting.

26th March
Brendon P + OmniPresence

The Hare Tango Ensemble, helmed by ex-Zouk spinmeister Brendon P, is just a fun bunch (we’d rather not use the term ‘collective’, it’s so over!) of DJ’s dedicated in bringing that element of musical mayhem for your listening, twirling and dancing pleasure.

Expect the unexpected when everyone dishes out the best and strangest from their record collection. This Friday, Brendon P invites you to Hare Tango down with him and join in the fray. It’s genre bending cosmic balearic fun for all, so make a date with the boys, and girls in the months to come.


¼ of the 4ImaginaryBoys Collective, Omnipresence is pleased to share the decks with Brendon P to deliver a DJ session of old school electronica, new wave and indie dance remixes, both past and present.
5 years in the collective and 25 years of vinyl collecting has led him to attain fulfillment of the deepest and darkest of his aural fetishes via such avenues of sonic assault.
Come down with an open heart and receive the blessings.

Embrace. Enjoy.

** For table reservations please email or call 64739965


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