We just had to!!

Get Laid – Ways To Guaranteed Sex

by Cory Winn

Rockstar1. Always have toothpaste ready

Toothpaste!? What does this have to do with anything or getting laid?? “Always have toothpaste ready”, what!? Get me outta here!!! This is even crazier than your secret get laid quiz!!

Hold your horses boy… Here’s what I mean (its actually a super sneaky mega-turbo-powered secret to getting laid). Ever picked up a super hot girl and ended up at her place that very same night? No? Nevermind. But if you did, you’d need some condoms, some toothpaste and basic shit to get home. (The secret is about to arrive any second now).}

IF YOU WALK OUT OF THE HOUSE… NOT EXPECTING to ever get laid with a woman and end up at her place that night, you’re NOT GOING to. Even if opportunities appear, you’ll miss them. ALWAYS expect that you’re likely to end up attracting some super hot woman (even if you’ve never)… and you’ll actually act like you’re IT. Which attracts women to you like bees to honey.

Pussy Smell2. Her dog can smell your fear and she can smell the pussy on you

Ever heard this parable about how dogs can smell your fear? Well what they didn’t tell you is how women can smell the pussy on you.

“Smell the pussy on me, what are you talking about?!”… Ever had this happen to you. Ever get like a girlfriend or a wife, and all of a sudden everywhere you go women seem to be a lot more into you? Even if you’re alone and these women don’t know you…

What’s happening… Why do women want you SO MUCH MORE when you’re taken? Its simple, you smell like pussy. She has no choice over it. She’s biologically hard-wired to be attracted to guys who “smell like pussy”. The good news is that if you’re following my advanced playa tips, you already know how to fake that smell – works every time.

Average Guy3. You’re not special. But she’ll never know

If you’ve been around this planet for any time, you’ve probably noticed one of HIM. Its this guy who’s NOTHING special, he’s not rich or famous or even good looking, but he always has super-hot girls… What’s that about? Huh!? Well… Most guys says “you’re either born with IT or you’re not”… Like the reason this guy gets all these chicks, the reason he attracts women like mad is because he has that mysterious IT… he’s a “just a natural lady-killer”.

I say BULLSHIT. its very simple… Just ACT AS IF… Act like it, and you will have IT. Act like you’re special and you’ll be treated special. Act like a rockstar and women will treat you like a rockstar.



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