THE PULL @ The Butter Factory – A Speed Drink Dating Party
Thursday, January 14th, 2010, 9pm to 3am
Ft. DJ DREM (Old School R&B)
Guest CJ’s (Cupid Jockeys) Langan & Andrew “Handsome” T

Still looking for that special someone? Welcome to “The Pull”.
We’re bringing you our own twist on speed-dating, meets business networking, meets general merrymaking at your favorite neighborhood watering hole The Butter Factory.

Sick of going to a club so packed and loud that you couldn’t have a proper conversation with someone?
Spotted a cutie by the bar surrounded by 10 friends and you’re too shy to walk over?
Hate the possibility of the embarrassment of being brushed off or ignored?

We take the awkwardness out of approaching that cute guy or girl you really wanted to speak/flirt/dance with.
Let our cupids do the work.


1) “The Pull” starts promptly at 9pm, and ends at 3am

2) All guys must reserve a table to participate in the matchmaking – you don’t want to keep the girls standing would you?

Ladies – You’re welcome to reserve tables too!

High tables & Round tables – minimum spend of 1 bottle – Groups of 3 people max
Sofa tables – minimum spend 2 bottles – Groups of 6 people max
Tables must be claimed by 1045pm latest

3) Ladies get in free and will be introduced to guys at the tables by our cupids.

Ladies that have reserved tables can get our cupid to introduce guys to them too.

4) Ladies – you’ve got to be sporting and sit down for at least one drink with all guys introduced to by cupids. Once you’re done with that drink you can stay for another or move on. Some excuses to keep handy: “My girlfriend has an emergency that requires my help – with the bathroom!”, “I need to go and wash my hair now!”

Guys – You need to purchase a non-alcoholic beverage for the girl if she doesn’t want an alcoholic beverage – it’s only polite!

If the guy would like to know any of the girls better, ask for her number silly! If you’re too shy you can tell our cupid and we will ask on your behalf, if the girl consents, cupid will bring her back to the table.

Girls – the same applies! If you want to know the guys better just ask away. We’re equal opportunity here at The Pull!

5) Ladies on the dancefloor are off limits. If you don’t want cupid near you, keep dancing!

Free Entry for Ladies
Cover Charge $15 for Guys OR Table Booking

email immediately for table bookings



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