Greetings Folks,

A New Year has landed bringing with it hope and anticipation. We anticipate 2010 to be a mega year for all and we’re going to start it off nice and simple with the first DOOMPH! of the year. For those who missed the Christmas party, the balloons and the food, don’t worry. Our February bash is going to be a really STRANGE one. But for now, in usual DOOMPH! tradition, we’re laying out our usual palette of great disco tunes and funky cold medina’s for your dancing pleasure. We hope you can join us this Friday and spread some love.

DOOMPH! on good people!

The DOOMPH! boys x


Brendon P.
With a carreer that’s 3 decades young and still growing, Brendon P has a long history of Clubs and Music. Starting out in 1980 in the local mobile circuit, and moving on to Clubs a year later, a visit to New York in 1984, and clubs such as the Funhouse, the Paradise Garage, Dancetaria and Area weaned him into the New York club culture, and into the music that was to become the house music that we hear today. Crossing vast musical backgrounds over his years as a DJ, both locally and internationally, he continued to acquire a keen ear and passion for dance music. Having recently completed a 8 year residency at the world famous Zouk Club in Singapore, coupled with numerous remixes and productions on labels like Reversoul and One With Music, expect nothing less than a set that crosses vast musical boundaries, both past, present and future.

JB’s journey through music began with the 80’s and 90’s stuff but he soon started to realize his addiction for the golden 70’s with its blend of soul, funk, disco, latin and jazz. This constitutes his solid roots deep inside, his foundations. He’s such a fan of the mid 70’s to mid 80’s! Such a creative era… Then came the momentum with the birth of house music. Chicago, Detroit, NY, UK, France, Germany… so many schools and influences which paved his way! Finally a genre that could encompass all what he loved: soulful, deep, classic, afro-latino, disco, funky, garage, techy just to name a few!
JB has held the decks in Paris, London, Alicante (Spain) and has settled in Singapore since 3 years now where he plays regularly in the most prominent venues. He’s also a regular host on the local internet radio Meshradio and on the house music specialized Lifted radio in the UK.

Performing under the Philosophie Moniker in Singapore, Matty is bound to the Hundred Schools of Thought of the DJ world. Stirring up the melting pot of old and new, playing anything from Basement Soul, Deep House, Funk, Nu-Jazz, Slo-Mo Cosmic, Broken Beats, Boogie, Dubby Disco, Reggae and Balearic Gems. The mantra is simple; if it’s got the soul, it’s got the vote!

Night and Day – 139 Selegie Road


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